The new Asia datacenter

Our new Asia data center is powered by Google, AS15169, that can handle much more DDOS attack, and is much faster for all Asia and Oceania users, not only for China.

Moved to the new data centers!

Recently, we moved all of our data centers:

  • Japan, moved to Hong Kong, China
  • New Jersey, US, moved to Montreal, Canada

Now, our new Hong Kong data center has much lower delay in China, and now our server can handle 160Gbps DDOS attack, with will have higher uptime.

apiTLO changed the URL of Redirect API

The following Redirect API’s URL is changed:

  • Main API
  • Country Redirect
  • Mobile Redirect

You should replace the URL for your existing projects:

Replace this:

To this:

You need to change the URL as soon as possible, the old URL become unreachable after 2016-08-01.

The new API has much better support for IPv6 geolocation. Now we have 2 data center for this domain, we will add CDN and Beijing data center soon. See Our Global Network to know about our new network.